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Wilier Zero.7 Electronic Road Bike Frameset -
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For over 50 years, Wilier Triestina has been at the forefront of cycling innovation. From Giordano Cottur to Alessandro Petacchi, champions have been riding Wilier's passion for engineering to race-day success. The Zero. 7 Electronic Road Bike Frame is the latest branch in the Wilier family tree. Featuring a host of new proprietary technology, the Zero. 7 is the lightest, stiffest, and most comfortable Wilier frameset ever produced. The Wilier Zero. 7 is an amalgamation of Wilier's most innovative technologies molded into one frameset. At around 800g, the Zero. 7 is Wilier's lightest frameset ever produced. It utilizes Wilier's exclusive Special Elastic Infiltrated Film (SEI) in its carbon construction. SEI Film is a viscoelastic film that gets inserted between the main layers of carbon fiber during the layup. Using film as an intermediate layer between carbon reduces the structural dependency on intermediate modulus carbon. The result is a lighter frameset that actually gains rigidity, strength, and comfort from weight-saving measures. In fact, the benefits of SEI have already been measured in aeronautics and auto racing. On the Zero. 7, they result in 35% greater impact resistance, inter-laminar strength gains of 18%, and an increase in three-point flexing strength of 12%. SEI Film is just the opening act for the big draw of the Zero. 7--Wilier's special 60t carbon fiber. 60t is a MR60H carbon fiber blend that can withstand 60 tons of pressure per square millimeter. For even greater strength and uniformity, Wilier uses a Zinc Oxide epoxy resin for bonding and Wilier's own LIT inflation technique for carbon molding. Wilier's strong attention to detail and experienced material selection produced a sophisticated, no-compromise frameset that's ready to compete at the highest echelons of cycling. The innovative spirit of the Wilier Zero. 7 doesn't stop at its materials. The Zero. 7 incorporates the new BB386EVO bottom bracket system. Don't get aggravated at the thoug..