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Wilier Gran Turismo Road Bike Frame
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Given the name, you'd expect that Wilier's Gran Turismo Road Bike Frame could excel in any terrain and provide you with a comfortable and stylish ride. Like the variety of challenges offered in a Grand Tour, from relentless climbs to sketchy descents to endless stretches of broken tarmac, our regular training ground is just as indiscriminate. And if we had to have just one bike, the Gran Turismo would be one worth serious consideration. What sets it apart aesthetically is its Razor Edge Design in front and the Smooth Rear design in back. In contrast to the more rounded tube shapes of the Cento1 and Izoard, Wilier designers took full advantage of the freedom afforded by its monocoque molding process to give the Gran Turismo lines that sing praise to Italian style while maintaining a Cento1 level of handling precision. To this end, the top and down tubes bear the most aggressive shaping to create a stable, confidence-inspiring ride. The head tube junction received a great portion of the attention, and the top and down tubes converge here in a unified mass of carbon fiber for unparalleled torsional stiffness. Look behind the seat tube and you'll notice skinny seatstays. These give the bike more vertical flex in back when riding over rough roads; they're not only skinny, but shaped to maximize comfort. The upper end is almost triangular and morphs over the length of the stays to be nearly flat by the dropouts. Wilier uses a full monocoque process for the fork as well. This way, they can ensure that fibers run continuously from the fork ends to the top of the steerer, which, when combined with the massive front end, result in incredible lateral stiffness and impressive overall strength. They also manage to fit in some vertical compliance by designing the rake to start at the crown and taper to the trailing edge. Hidden from view underneath its glorious paint, the Gran Turismo relies on carbon fiber sourced from two of Wilier's most trusted suppliers -- Toray and Mitsu...