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Storck Scenero G2 Road Bike Frameset - 2015
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Already being heralded as one of the best road frames of 2013, the Storck Scenero G2 Road Bike Frame has taken the original design platform of the 2011 and improved upon it in every way -- impressive, considering that Cycling Magazine voted the G1 as its 2011 road bike of the year. So, we consider these changes as a bold move in a fast direction. For the G2, Storck shortened the wheel base, made the tubes stiffer, sleeker, and more aerodynamic, and shaved about 20 grams off of the frame. Faster, lighter, and stronger -- can't argue with that. Starting with the carbon fiber itself, the Scenero G2 was constructed from Storck's own CFR/UD carbon fiber, with the UD designating 'uni-directional.' Why uni-directional Well, compared to a woven carbon fabric, uni-directional carbon is oriented as it sounds, with one direction, or on one axis. And while this makes the production process incredibly complex in regard to load path and force direction determination, the payout is worth it to Storck. You see, compared to woven layups, uni-directional fibers tend to better stiffen frames, while also improving vibration dampening. And, this is achieved at a much lower overall weight. However, Storck was far from finished in any of these regards. Let's approach the Storck layup process in a short series of steps. First off, Storck begins the design with 3D CAD imaging. This digital process provides Storck with the precise data and dimensions necessary for the development of the mold. From there, the CFR/UD fibers are soaked in resin and hand-placed into the computer-generated mold. Once placed in the mold, the fibers are heated and pressed into place with an air channeling tool. Afterwards, the fibers are smoothed over by hand, ensuring an unprecedented level of preciseness and detail to the layup. It's worth noting that the Scenero G2 is, in fact, molded in a monocoque formation. This means that the frame is comprised of specific modulus carbon fibers throughout the frame, o...