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Storck Aernario Road Bike Frameset - 2016
Retail Price: $4599.00
Our Price: $2299.50
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It seems that, while searching for that perfect road frame, you're forced to choose between aerodynamics, efficient power transfer, and handling. It's rare to find a frame that has mastered two of these qualities, let alone three. The Storck Aernario is one of the only frames that can truly claim to be a master of all three arts. The first problem is aerodynamics. Storck achieves this using "sectional aerodynamic shaping." What that means is that the frame tubing is aerodynamically shaped on a horizontal, rather than vertical, plane. It just looks like a regular road frame from the side, but if viewed from the front or back, the aerodynamics quickly become apparent. The Aernario's incredibly low weight and excellent ride characteristics are achieved through advanced carbon fiber manipulation. The frame is a true monocoque. That means that it's all formed at once, from what is basically one piece of carbon fiber, so there's no extra carbon fiber. This reduction in the mold drastically reduces weight. At 890 grams, the effects of this process are readily evident. Ride quality is also derived from the production process. The box-section seatstays are vertically compliant but extremely rigid laterally. The huge PressFit BB86 also improves the ride by transferring power directly to the rear triangle with almost no loss. And finally, there's the fork. The Stiletto 340 is, as the name implies, an incredible 340 grams. It maintains its precise ride, however with an oversized, tapered 1-1/8 to 1-1/2in integrated headset.