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Merlin Extralight
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Whether you're chronically checking online bike galleries, or you've been around long enough to remember titanium's heyday, your attention has been fixated on the Merlin Extralight. If you fall into these categories, or you simply fell in love at NAHBS, we're elated to tell you that the need for pining is over. That's right, the Merlin Extralight is back, and better yet, so is its 3-2. 5 tubing. The Extralight features the same double-butted 3Al-2. 5V titanium (3-2. 5) tubing of yesteryear. But, to refresh your memory, we'll shed some light on this designation. Simply put, it refers to the percentages of the material composition, with the 'three' being 3% aluminum, the '2. 5' being 2. 5% vanadium, and the remaining 94. 5% being that of titanium. In its original application, 3-2. 5 was used throughout the aerospace industry for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and high resistance to corrosion. Today, however, you'll find its primary application in the high pressure hydraulic lines of airplanes, and of course, in the Merlin Extralight. Still, strength and low weight considered, the question begs to be asked, why 3-2. 5 titanium Well, it all comes down to its ride quality. In comparison to other alloys, you'll find that 3-2. 5 features a higher strength-to-weight ratio, lower sidewall density, and a higher elastic modulus, all in exponential figures. But, in layman's terms, this means that the Extralight is lighter, stiffer, and stronger than other alloys -- even the exotics like scandium and magnesium. However, we feel that these terms are simply thrown around far too often, so let us explain how these actually translate to ride quality. 3-2. 5 expresses less deformity under stress than aluminum, but more so than carbon fiber. This characteristic translates to a highly responsive and direct feel under load. However, unlike carbon fiber, which strategically redirects shock energy throughout the frame, 3-2. 5's elastic modulus creates a natural dampening ...