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Ridley X-Fire 10 Disc Complete Cyclocross Bike - 2015 Ridley X-Fire 10 Disc Complete Cyclocross Bike - 2015

Cyclocross, for most of us, is the off-season sport. Competition is friendly, the beer is good, and the bacon-cupcake hand-ups even better. The X-Fire 10 Disc is the ideal frame for the weekend cyclocross warrior who desires a steadfast steed and durable components. Ridley enjoyed such success...

Price: $3350.00
Sale Price: $1999.00

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Ridley X-Fire Disc - 2015 Ridley X-Fire Disc - 2015

Maybe you're gunning to try a one-by or singlespeed set-up on your cyclocross bike. Or maybe you just want to swap out your old components and upgrade your frame. Either way, Ridley's X-Fire Disc for the 2015 season will have you riding fast from the first race of the season. As a Ridley...

Price: $1499.00

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