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Sidi Moon Women's Shoes
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We understand that fluorescence is an acquired taste, and luckily, Sidi does, too. The brand new Sidi Moon Women's Shoes still provide provide a feminine flair without the retina grabbing color treatment of their male counterparts. Basically, you're only finding this Silver shimmer here. And aside from aesthetics, the Moon shoes shatter the idea that you need to spend a month's rent to get into a pair of quality Italian cycling shoes. With a stiff carbon composite sole and an anatomically designed upper, the Moon shoes offer everything that you want from a handcrafted shoe. Don't forget that your shoes serve a specific purpose when you're on the bike -- the transmission of power from your legs to the drivetrain. And in this purpose, rigidity is key. That's why Sidi uses a multi-step system to ensure that your power output receives a minimal amount of dissipation through the interaction of the shoe and the pedal. So, to start, the sole of the Moon shoes were made to be both stiff and durable. Using the newest iteration of the Millennium series, the Millennium 3 sole differs from its predecessors in its carbon infused construction. Whereas prior generations relied on a reinforced nylon matrix, the Millennium 3 infuses this matrix with carbon fiber. This process dramatically improves the overall stiffness of the shoe, while adding an enhanced level of durability. In fact, Sidi estimates that the new material is less susceptible to temperature extremes and wear, and accordingly, the soles are predicted to retain their rigidity levels over multiple seasons of use. Additionally, Sidi also included a replaceable heel pad for the inevitable walks from the street to the espresso counter. For a secure fit, Sidi used a three strap, Velcro closure system. This allows full adjustability that will stand the test of time. Sidi also added its signature heel cup to keep the foot in the perfect position on hard up strokes and while climbing out of the saddle. For comfort, the bo...