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Giordana Laser Short Sleeve Women's Jersey
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Some people discuss focus as if it's an additive quality. Others believe it has more to do with subtracting distractions. A laser might burn through everything in its path, but the Laser Women's Short Sleeve Jersey from Giordana removes distractions. It is comfy and yet fits like a second skin, reconciling what some feel are contradictory goals. The comfort comes from the medley of fabrics used. The front panels are made from Moovix Light, a thin, stretchy microfiber that wicks. Asteria, which is even lighter and stretchier, is used for the arms, including the under-arm panels and the Y-panel running down the back. Host Carbon, a directional stretch fabric woven with carbon in the thread, is used for the back side panels, Because these panels stretch horizontally rather than vertically, they help wrap your body better and it virtually eliminates the bouncing overfilled pockets might cause. X-fine mesh is employed in the half-moon swatch behind the neck to help the collar fit well whether one is tucked in the drops or standing up. The jersey is all give where you need it to move, and this keeps it fitting like a second skin, while limited stretch fabric in the back means that there is some form to the jersey as well. The sleeves are cuffed with doubled-over fabric for comfort. The waist has light elastic in front, just enough to give a little form, and a jacquard gripper in back, to further lock the pockets down. The full zipper has a CamLock pull, up for easy sliding and down for locking. There are three rear pockets, with the right pocket sporting a zippered security pocket. The zipper is vertical so you can access it while riding, and the zipper is covered with reflective tape for a little extra safety. The Giordana Laser Women's Short Sleeve Jersey comes in Black and Red. Sizes run from XSmall to XLarge.