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De Marchi C+ Women's Jersey
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The Contour Plus might just be the best women's-specific jersey that De Marchi's ever created. We say this because, after examining the specific fabric panels used to build the jersey, we see exactly where the 'contour' in the C name originates. Each of the four materials chosen for the jersey were cut on a curve in order to replicate the female's body while in the cycling position. We always knew attention to fit details weren't to be taken lightly with the Italian designers, and the De Marchi C is certainly no exception. For the C Jersey, De Marchi chose to use two specific fabrics and mesh materials for its makeup. For the jersey's front panel, Dry3 Titanium fabric was used for its excellent moisture management properties. In addition to being a highly stretchable fabric, Dry3 Titanium pulls moisture away from your skin to the outer-layer where, according to De Marchi, it then evaporates three times faster than a conventional polyester fiber. We're inclined to believe them, as De Marchi's fabrics have continually proven to be some of quickest-drying that we've experienced. This particular version of the its Dry3 also incorporates a Titanium dioxide treatment for effective action against odor. Moving to the jersey's sleeves and side panels, De Marchi added its Dry3 Pro material for its smooth and flexible feel. Gel prints were added to these panels in order to provide a lightly compressive hold on the shoulder and oblique muscles. This fabric, combined with underarm mesh vents, is also very lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect choice for these areas where body heat and perspiration tend to collect in high concentrations. This leads us to the back of the C Jersey, where De Marchi focused further on breathability by adding a central panel of Dry3D Mesh. Stretching from the top of the center rear pocket, and fanning outward to the backs of the shoulders, this Mesh insert provides you with the ultimate in ventilation and comfort by targeting anot...