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Assos intermediateEvo Lady Long Sleeve Jersey
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Assos designed its intermediateEvo Lady Long Sleeve Jersey to be the ideal cool-weather top layer. By combining a wind-blocking front panel with summer-weight fabrics, the intermediateEvo Lady ensures that you'll remain protected without running the risk of overheating. For the construction of the intermediateEvo jersey, Assos employed six different fabrics, each chosen to maximize their specific utility. The chest panel uses Assos' airBlock 799 fabric from the collar to the hem. This material isn't quite as powerful as the 851 that's found on the fuguJack, however, but it keeps cool breezes from chilling your core. Additionally, it has the added benefit of remaining highly breathable. This way, any accumulating moisture is transported away from the skin to the quick-drying surface of the fabric. So, you're kept effectively dry, regardless of conditions or exertion. Meanwhile, the side and back panels of the jersey have been built from a summer-weight fabric. Both the material and its placement aid in the aforementioned, which, in turn, thoroughly regulates your core temperature. Additionally, the upper arms were constructed from a lightweight, fleecy material in order to blend warmth and air permeability. Ultimately, this feature completes the versatility of the jersey. The contoured cut of the intermediateEvo jersey was designed to 'click' into place, quite literally. Assos refers to this level of fit as its AEPD, or Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design. And by 'click,' we mean that the jersey achieves its neutral point while you're bent into the positions of cycling. So, while standing, you'll find that the jersey might feel constrictive. However, once a full contour is achieved, fabric bunching and pulling subsides, and you're left with the jersey's delightful 'click' into place. And if you're wondering where this piece falls into the Assos Layering System, it's been designated as a Fall Four piece. This means that it features an effective protection range fr...