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Giordana FormaRed Carbon Custom Women's Bib Shorts
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For years, Giordana's FormaRed Carbon bib shorts have been the benchmark of comfort. In fact, this position has been so reinforced that we've always found hard to believe that Giordana could top it once, let alone every year. However, 2013 brings yet another iteration of the FormaRed Carbon Custom Women's Bib Shorts, and not surprisingly, they've gotten even better. Starting with the bulk of the shorts' construction, Giordana went with its compressive Shield fabric. With a certified Power Lycra composition weight of 240g/m2, the FormaRed Carbon (FRC) bib shorts have taken on a nearly medical compression level. To achieve this, the material features Giordana's new Super 40 generation weaving technology. This refers to Shield's 40 threads per centimeter (TPC), and as Giordana puts it, the highest prior thread count hovered around 36 TPC. This means that, compared to most competition, the Shield is softer, more conforming, and has a higher level of wicking capability. And remarkably, Shield achieves this at a lighter weight than most Lycra blends. Why is this important Well, if you've worn compressive fabrics, you'll have notice that they're heavy in comparison to traditional Lycra. Shield Endurance encompasses the key traits, like inhibiting muscle oscillation and promoting a positive circulation, without the detriment of a weighty, poorly-breathing composition. Moving to the inner legs and seat panel, Giordana placed an even stronger fabric called Zaffiro. This material is a certified Power Lycra with a composition weight of 200g/m2. But, like Shield, Zaffiro features a purposefully denser weave with Giordana's SUPER 40 construction technology. This guarantees a continuation of HC-44's aforementioned characteristics, only with a higher level of durability and friction-reduction at the highest points of saddle abrasion. Additionally, Giordana placed its new Ametista fabric around the waist as part of its Core Contour System. Again, we see a return of 200g/m2 Lyc...