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Assos CyclingSlipper Shoes - Men's Assos CyclingSlipper Shoes - Men's

When it comes to fit that feels virtually molded to a cyclist's body, Assos definitely knows the score. For cycling shoes with carbon soles that can literally be molded to a cyclist's feet, Lake pretty much wrote the book. Combine the two, and you have what may be the most luxurious cycling shoes...

Price: $549.00

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Assos Flip Flops - Men's Assos Flip Flops - Men's

No matter how comfortable your go-to road shoes are, after a grueling race, you want to take them off as fast as you can and get your toes some air. Ditching the carbon missile slippers means you can also step up to the podium in full Assos kit with the Assos Flip Flops. A small logo denotes that...

Price: $25.00

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