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Assos T FI.13 Lady S5 Women's Bib Shorts
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Even with all of the choices out there for women's bib shorts, one ride in the Assos T FI. 13 Lady_S5 Women's Bib Shorts will make you a devotee. After all, we always say that Assos' biggest competition is Assos, and with a 25% lighter construction, 35% more breathability, and 18% more compression than Assos' other women's bib shorts, the T FI. 13 Lady_S5 are undeniably top-shelf. Assos' wisdom led to the seemingly-funky, backwards-looking bib design. However, it isn't backwards, it's future-forward. In fact, it's the Assos Buckle Closure Mechanism (ABC-M). To provide the perfect fit for a wide range of women, the adjustable buckle can slide into any one of three loops stitched into the front of the short. This allows you to customize the fit of the short as a whole. And, unlike regular bib-less shorts, the shorts are held in place primarily by the tension of the bib strap. This means that you won't have an elasticized waistband putting pressure on your tummy as you ride -- this is the exact reason why the pros who race the Tour all choose bib shorts, not regular shorts. Comfort is paramount. The general design of T FI. 13 Lady_S5 is an easy visual cue to indicate that Assos has totally re-engineered its shorts. Just about everything on these shorts are different. It's easy to notice the different-colored exterior grippers, one Silver and one Black, and the external tags in back -- both details are driven by comfort. But, what about the Green'ish, Clinique-colored panel in the middle of the bibs While a striking color, it's actually a carbon fiber mesh material that's lighter, more breathable, and substantially less prone to odor retention than Lycra. The stretchy material in the rest of the shorts is also different than earlier Assos offerings. T FI. 13 uses A430 on the outside panels and A431 panels on the inside of the legs. The A430 fabric has greater venting than other varieties, and A431 is Assos-speak for compression materials. Furthering the squeeze is...