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Assos legUno_s7 Leg Warmers
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When the temperature is too much for your summer shorts to bear, yet it's simply not cold enough for your bib tights, the Assos legUno_ s7 Leg Warmers fill the gap between your winter and summer layers. Developed with the Assos signature of detail, the legUno_s7 warmers use exclusive fabrics and production techniques for a simple, yet highly functional, pair of leg warmers. Pulling non-commercially available fabrics from the Assos war chest, the legUno_s7 leg warmers start their life with a distinct advantage. And when Assos implements its Assos Body Mapping Design technology, the warmers shape is simply dominant. Made with a multi-panel design, the leg warmers form to your body as a second skin, integrating seamlessly under your shorts. Made for early fall rides that start off cool but warm up later, the Uno_s7 warmers store easily in your jersey or jacket pocket if you get too warm along the way. Assos knows the importance of being able to use every piece of your kit for more than a season. With this in mind, Assos designed the Uno_s7 to work under your tights when you need extra insulation on cold winter rides. This helps extend the temperature range of your tights and gives you a comfortable next to skin insulation layer. The legUno_s7 falls into a new line of Assos engineering, ASSOSoires UNO -- an extension of the venerable UNO line. Basically, the pathway of engineering has been simplified to approach the same end. So, Assos can provide the same superior quality for the more 'everyday' cyclist. Better yet, you'll find that the leg warmers still follow the Assos Layering System and ClimaRange -- in this case, ClimaRange 4. This means that the recommended temperature range falls roughly between 60 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit when worn alone. However, they can be added accordingly within the system to boost the ClimaRange of your other Assos pieces. For more information on the Assos Layering System, please head over to the official Assos website. The Assos l...