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2XU Sub Zero 360 Cycle Women's Jacket
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If you've been doing your homework on what jacket will best fit your needs this winter, you've surely heard the word "engineered" thrown around pretty liberally. And while pattern making is far from a simple task, we don't feel that it justifies the title of engineering. Not surprisingly, 2XU feels the same way on the matter, which is why we classify its new Sub Zero 360 Women's Jacket as a feat of true engineering. For one its level of fit is exceptional, so good in fact that it nearly shrouds the fact that this jacket solely uses 2XU-created fabrics. When we say that 2XU "engineered" the Sub Zero, we're not using the word in the colloquial sense. If you're familiar with the brand, than you know that 2XU's compression technology is the best in the business. If you're unfamiliar, then you need to know that 2XU is worn by top athletes around globe, from cyclists to marathon runners. And along these lines of unyielding perfection, the Sub Zero carries the torch as its flagship cycling jacket. To start, the jacket's been constructed of what 2XU calls its 10:10 XStretch membrane. Beyond lightweight, this fabric is extremely breathable and water-resistant. This balanced ratio of keeping water out while letting vapor escape is essential for high aerobic activity. So, as your core temperature rises, the 10:10 membrane will keep you dry and comfortable. The science of the 10:10 doesn't stop there. 2XU made sure that the membrane is extremely light and flexible, as well. The fabric features an immense amount of stretch that perfectly complements the engineered cut of the jacket. Also, 2XU designed the Sub Zero to fit solely in the cycling position. This way, abrasion, bunching, and unnecessary heat loss can all be eliminated. And to further prevent heat loss, the Sub Zero's collar features a tall, collar-within-a-collar type design. 2XU call this its Wind Break collar, but we know it simply as effective. For storage, the Sub Zero received three rear pockets that have b...