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Assos iJ.pompaDour_S7 Women's Jacket
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It's rare that a jacket is able to tell its story through sheer numbers, but not surprisingly, the iJ. pompaDour_S7 achieves just that. For its construction, Assos used 30 pattern pieces, 10 different textiles, and 12 separate components. In other words, Assos put some thought into this jacket. Then again, in order to disrupt the seven year reign of the umaJack, we expected nothing less. Even the name of the iJ. pompaDour_S7 is highly strategic. The "pompaDour" part of this jacket's name is the Assos translation of Madame Marquise de Pompadour, who was the official chief mistress of Louis XV. Among her many accolades, Madame de Pompadour was highly regarded for her intelligence and keen eye for Rococo interiors and architecture. In fact, she planned the designs for buildings like the Place de la Concorde and the Petit Trianon. However, she's most remembered, and endeared, for introducing Dom Perignon's invention, champagne, to the Royal Court. For these reasons, she served as inspiration for Assos to test the boundaries of possibility in winter riding apparel, in both style and sophistication. Now, reason tells us that, as the umaJack's successor, the iJ. pompaDour_S7 would appropriately build off its predecessor's success. However, Assos actually modeled the iJ. pompaDour_S7 off of its men's iJ. bonKa. Accordingly, the chest, collar, and arm panels that face the wind take advantage of Assos' twinDeckFoiling in order to keep the cold at bay. It has two layers, one windproof and one insulating. The outer layer is the stratagonUltra airBlock material -- Assos' new waterproof, breathable, and flexible membrane that's less breathable when cold and more breathable as the air directly next to the membrane heats up. This allows it to retain more heat when you're cold, and to be more breathable once you heat up and start to sweat. The inner layer is Assos' RXQ fabric, a lightweight stretch fabric that's smooth on one side and fleecy on the other. The upper-arms are made...