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Maloja AlisonM. Shorts - Women's Maloja AlisonM. Shorts - Women's

A bit more relaxed for fluid range of motion, the Maloja Women's AlisonM. Shorts confidently conquer shuttle-accessed flow trails and daily singletrack rides. They effortlessly slide over your favorite liner shorts (not included) and pads for customizable protection when you need it most....

Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $69.96

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Maloja AlmbachM. Jacket - Women's Maloja AlmbachM. Jacket - Women's

It's just your luck that your short visit to the city would be riddled with rain showers. Luckily you came prepared with the Maloja Women's AlmbachM. Jacket. Its breathable softshell construction is equipped with a waterproof membrane to keep you dry as you navigate soggy city streets. When the...

Price: $249.95

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Maloja AlseaM Tights - Women's Maloja AlseaM Tights - Women's

You won't retreat from your cycling regime just because winter's temperatures bring a chill to your breath. As long as there isn't ice on the pavement, you're going for a ride, and one of the few difference between riding in warm weather and riding right now is the Maloja Women's AlseaM Tights....

Price: $184.95
Sale Price: $120.22

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Maloja AlseaM. 3/4 Tight - Women's Maloja AlseaM. 3/4 Tight - Women's

Cycling in the cooling fall months and during the spring thaw involves navigating a maze of clothing requirements. Too much winter protection will leave you roasting on the bike before riding home in a cold, clammy funk; however, too little protection and the first chill you experience will...

Price: $154.95
Sale Price: $100.72

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Maloja ApplegateM Zip-Neck Top - Women's Maloja ApplegateM Zip-Neck Top - Women's

Calling the Maloja Women's ApplegateM Zip-Neck Top versatile might be an understatement, considering the fact that you can take it out on any cool or cold weather excursions. Made from MitiTech Thermal fabric, this midlayer wraps your body in soft warmth. Not only does it warm you, this jacket is...

Price: $119.95
Sale Price: $71.97

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Maloja AubachM. Jacket - Women's Maloja AubachM. Jacket - Women's

Fight off the morning chill by zipping up the Maloja Women's AubachM. Jacket for your pre-work ride. Crafted from a windproof Superfine Nylon fabric, the AubachM. keeps windchill at bay no matter how fast you're riding or how blustery it is, while still allowing for enhanced breathability when...

Price: $194.95

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Maloja BabenshamM. Short - Men's Maloja BabenshamM. Short - Men's

Whether you're wandering a flowering heath or touring famous breweries, make the most of your holiday in the Maloja Men's BabenshamM. Shorts. Blending everyday style with performance durability, these shorts are tough enough for the trail while still looking great in town, making them a great...

Price: $139.95

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Maloja BabsM. 1/2 Short - Women's Maloja BabsM. 1/2 Short - Women's

You wish you could follow the finished results of every asphalt constructor in the city so you could have a smooth cycling experience all summer long, but buying the Maloja Women's BabsM. 1/2 Short would give you a similar result without spending hours of construction research. Its women-specific...

Price: $134.95
Sale Price: $67.47

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Maloja Beaverton Hybrid Primaloft Vest - Women's Maloja Beaverton Hybrid Primaloft Vest - Women's

Sporty style meets cozy warmth with the Maloja Women's Beaverton Hybrid Primaloft Vest. Bundle up at the trailhead as you ponder the afternoon shred, put some muscle behind a cowbell at a local 'cross race, or head out for an off-season hiking adventure with confidence that this vest will keep...

Price: $249.95
Sale Price: $162.47

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Maloja BetsyM. Tech Jacket - Women's Maloja BetsyM. Tech Jacket - Women's

Creating an optimal jacket for highly aerobic road and trail rides, the Maloja Women's Betsy Tech Jacket uses Gore-Tex Paclite (2. 5-layer) membrane for maximum breathability, low-bulk packing, and outstanding weather protection, as backed by its 20,000mm waterproofing. Neither overly baggy nor...

Price: $299.95
Sale Price: $194.97

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