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Castelli Aero Speed Glove - Men's Castelli Aero Speed Glove - Men's

With all of the aerodynamic gadgets that are created in wind tunnels each year, we're used to seeing unusual-looking gear. But we're also used to that gear shaving seconds off of time trials. Such is the case with the Castelli Aero Speed Gloves. These gloves are so fast that your times may just...

Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $17.98

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Castelli Chiro 3 Gloves - Men's Castelli Chiro 3 Gloves - Men's

If you're fantastically good at losing and/or keeping track of the different types of cycling gloves you need to keep around for coping with the various weather that winter can throw at you, we have a suggestion: the Castelli Chiro 3 Gloves. Perfect for a wide variety of chilly conditions, the...

Price: $69.95

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Castelli CW. 5.1 Gloves - Men's Castelli CW. 5.1 Gloves - Men's

It will never cease to amaze us how Castelli is capable of presenting complicated design in an understated, minimalist package. Case in point are its new CW. 5. 1 Gloves. These gloves feature wind-resistant fabrics that keep you warm on late season rides, all without the pomp and circumstance...

Price: $54.95

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Castelli Cw.3.1 Gloves - Men's Castelli Cw.3.1 Gloves - Men's

There's nothing worse than having all of the right layers on your legs and torso, heading out to ride, and an hour later realizing that you're barely able to bend your fingers at the shifters. Nothing to fear, though, as windproof, insulated gloves like Castelli's CW. 3. 1 Gloves will keep your...

Price: $69.95

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Castelli Diluvio Deluxe Gloves - Men's Castelli Diluvio Deluxe Gloves - Men's

When your training plan pitches you against freezing cold, your hands will be the first to feel the effects. Fortunately, for scuba divers, surfers, and those of us who refuse to get off of the bike when the weather gets nasty, there's neoprene. The Castelli Diluvio Deluxe Gloves were designed...

Price: $49.95

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Castelli Estremo Gloves - Men's Castelli Estremo Gloves - Men's

With the right gear, you don't have to limit your riding to a dank basement or crowded spin class at the gym. Gloves like Castelli's Estremo offer the coverage and weather protection for pedaling through those dark winter months. Not only do these gloves sport wind- and water-resistant...

Price: $89.95

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Castelli Free Glove - Men's Castelli Free Glove - Men's

If you play with the ticking hands of the clock, you know that every tick counts. To make the most of your ride, you'll want every surface to be as streamlined as possible. And, believe it or not, that goes for your gloves, too. The Castelli Free Gloves keep your hands streamlined to shave every...

Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $23.97

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Castelli Leggenda Gloves - Men's Castelli Leggenda Gloves - Men's

Windproof materials, a fleeced lined interior, and excellent grip give the Castelli Leggenda Gloves winter protection and security for challenging conditions. It's constructed from a two-layer, two-way stretch fabric that's not bulky like traditional full-finger gloves, but equally warm. Two...

Price: $64.95

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Castelli Nano XT Gloves - Men's Castelli Nano XT Gloves - Men's

In the transitional seasons, choosing a conditions-appropriate cycling glove can be an exercise in frustration and second-guessing. We'll be the first to admit that we've cut rides short due to frozen fingers, but we also prefer to not wear neoprene armor when it isn't necessary. For cooler days...

Price: $59.95

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Castelli Prima Glove - Men's Castelli Prima Glove - Men's

Cyclocross season is here. Mechanics in the pits get busy, but between laps, their hands get chilly -- just like you out on the course. That's why both mechanics and riders alike will benefit from the toasty hands that are provided by the Castelli Prima Gloves. Castelli's Prima gloves were knit...

Price: $24.95

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