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Shimano SH-R320 Shoes - Men's
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It's a rarity that one shoe can combine comfort with rigidity. After all, by definition, the two are at odds with each other. However, not every shoemaker has the pedigree or the ambition to innovate that Shimano does. And for its latest top-tier offering, the SH-R320 Shoes, Shimano pushed past the limits of comprehension. The ideology was simple: redefine drivetrain efficiency at its initial source, the feet. And with heat-moldable insoles, customizable uppers, carbon fiber outsoles, and the new Dynalast technology, the SH-R320 achieved Shimano's goal with power, poise, and ease. So, you probably asking yourself how the R320 has outpaced the already venerable SH-R315 Well, Shimano's newly developed Dynalast technology played an integral role in this achievement of placing 'power to the pedal.' With a unidirectional carbon fiber weave, this outsole increases efficiency while still allowing a calculated level of flex. This is possible due to the sole's variable stiffness and density that accommodates the movements of the arch. But, if you're an R315 owner, this is probably all sounding familiar. But, new to Dynalast is something that you don't have, a hollow channeled carbon outsole. This design is multifunctional -- increasing surface area, heightening rigidity, and concurrently, decreasing weight. Dynalast has also helped to redesign the heel cup of the R320. Now, it features a carbon reinforced, nylon monocoque cup that contributes to an increased level of stability, while also strengthening the shoe's hold on the foot. This is essential, as most pedal efficiency is lost from heel slippage. However, through the combination of the increased outsole stiffness and the newly secured heel cup, when compared to its nearest competitor, Shimano claims that the R320 experiences a 5% reduction in lost pedal efficiency. In more tangible terms, this equates to five seconds of gains over 25 kilometers. And in even simpler terms, this means free speed. Furthering thi...