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Shimano SH-R170 Shoes - Men's
Retail Price: $199.95
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Outside of flashy graphics and fluorescent color schemes, have you ever stopped to think about what a $400 pair of shoes have that a $200 pair doesn't Well, lucky for you, these are the kind of things that we're obsessive about, and the answer might surprise you. When compared to the likes of Shimano's SH-R170 Shoes, the halo-shoe category starts to lose its luster. Anatomic last design Check. Stiff carbon outsole Got it. Comfort and adjustability Check and mate. Basically, when you run through your wishlist, you'll notice that the SH-R170s checks off all of the boxes, only at a fraction of the price of what you were prepared to spend. Shimano had one key objective for its SH-R170 shoes: Create a race-day shoe at an everyday price. And not surprisingly, Shimano did not disappoint. The R170s feature a carbon composite outsole construction that strikes the ideal balance between rigidity and comfort. Now, we're all led to believe that stiffer is better, and in some cycling applications, this is absolutely true. However, it's crucial to remember that over the course of a century, that blanket-applied, overly rigid shoe will degrade your circulation. So, to avoid the eventual numbing, Shimano developed what it calls its Dynalast technology. This outsole system delivers power to the pedal, while still allowing a calculated level of flex. This is possible due to the sole's variable stiffness and density that accommodates the movements of the arch. Furthering this power transfer are the R170's securing straps. The shoes feature two asymmetric, hook-and-loop straps that allow you to control the shoes' internal volume. Shimano has given these a broad, angular, and offset design that makes them simple to grab and adjust while in the saddle, should you need to make any on-the-fly adjustments. Controlling the overall tightness and security is a Shimano micro-adjust, ratcheting buckle. This system allows you make incremental adjustments with an elongated ratchet fixture....