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ZOOT Recovery 2.0 CRx Men's Long Sleeve Shirt - Men's
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The benefits of compression technology have been touted beyond the more traditional applications for varicose veins and diabetes, specifically for athletes during and after competition. But, just throwing around the term "compression" doesn't mean that there's actually any advantage to a particular piece of clothing. ZOOT's Sports Recovery 2. 0 CRx Long Sleeve Shirt, however was created by compression savvy designers who want to see you perform your best. Note the name: recovery shirt. This not a during-training-shirt. This top was specifically designed to be worn after training, preferably while sitting on the sofa watching a grand tour. That being said, if being a paid, professional cyclist eludes you, you probably head from the bike, to the shower, to work. Don't let the day-job get in the way of your cycling ambitions. When you sit for long periods of time, especially after a hard training session, blood will pool in the extremities farthest away from your heart -- like the feet and calves. This causes pressure on the capillaries, which causes the natural movement of fluid through the body to be shunted. A build-up of this fluid is medically referred to as edema, and edema hinders recovery as the body won't flush toxins. This quickly leads to both swelling and general soreness. Compression shirts are designed to create a pressure system whereby blood circulates quickly back to the heart. ZOOT accomplishes this with a graduated knit weave. A graduated knit compression uses varying density and tightness of knit to put pressure on the muscles, arteries, and veins located at the furthest points from the heart. The pressure gradually decreases the as it moves towards the heart. This forces your blood to move through narrower circulatory channels so that when it returns, and pressure is reduced, it will flow faster. A faster flow rate means that fluid is flushed through the system, reducing swelling. The knit provides compression ranging from 18-30mmHG -- medical...