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Sombrio Badass Short - Men's Sombrio Badass Short - Men's

When you feel dirt beneath your tires, sometimes you can't resist shedding a bit of your "nice guy" state of mind. Take your aggression out by roosting berms, barreling into rugged rock gardens, and generally getting rowdy in the Sombrio Badass Short. With its bombproof Quattro Flex Mid fabric,...

Price: $99.95

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Sombrio Cambie Short - Men's Sombrio Cambie Short - Men's

During the week, it's you and your steel commuter frame against rush hour traffic and unhappy drivers, but on the weekends, you add a little squish and dirt to your life. Keep things simple when your schedule isn't with the Sombrio Cambie Short. With a commuting-minded design, the Cambie arrives...

Price: $70.00

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Sombrio Highline Short - Men's Sombrio Highline Short - Men's

The Sombrio Highline Men's Shorts are seriously lightweight and cool but they're still miraculously way more comfortable than riding--and crashing--naked. Made with stretchy Quattro Flex fabric that lets you pedal like a fiend and get aggressive when you're descending, the Highline's perfect for...

Price: $109.95

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Sombrio Lowline Shorts - Men's Sombrio Lowline Shorts - Men's

As an expression of Sombrio's freeride philosophy, the Sombrio Men's Lowline Short delivers clean style with ergonomic seams and laser-cut venting for crushing trails with a cool, confident demeanor. Its ultra-tough Core Flex Dura fabric strikes an ideal balance between ample stretch and...

Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $77.87

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Sombrio Pinner Shorts - Men's Sombrio Pinner Shorts - Men's

The guys at Sombrio know what freeriding is al about. They also know it can be hell on your wardrobe. When designing freeride-specific gear, they make it durable, and Pinner shorts are the proof. Pinners are made with tough four-way stretch Quattro Flex Dura material, which can stand up to the...

Price: $119.95

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Sombrio Prodigy Bike Gloves - Men's Sombrio Prodigy Bike Gloves - Men's

The Sombrio Men's Prodigy Bike Glove is a great choice for trail wizards and racing gurus who've been sweeping podiums since the age of 12. Pre-curved fingers enhance dexterity and finger movement when you're braking and flipping through the gears. Silicone-lined braking fingers help you pull the...

Price: $34.95

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Sombrio Pursuit Jersey - Long-Sleeve - Men's Sombrio Pursuit Jersey - Long-Sleeve - Men's

Your favorite kit has taken some abuse over the last few seasons, so now seems like as good a time as any to upgrade to something that isn't a few threads away from splitting on your next trip over the bars. Replace your threadbare gear with Sombrio's Pursuit Jersey, and you'll gain a layer that...

Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $75.92

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Sombrio Pursuit Shorts - Men's Sombrio Pursuit Shorts - Men's

You need your freeride shorts to be durable enough to handle more than a few friendly encounters with trail furniture, but still able to move with you as you take big hits and blast through destructive terrain. Sombrio's Pursuit Shorts feel featherweight to the touch with a breathable polyester...

Price: $134.95
Sale Price: $60.73

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Sombrio Shore Shirt - Short-Sleeve - Men's Sombrio Shore Shirt - Short-Sleeve - Men's

The Sombrio Men's Short-Sleeve Shore Shirt has your entire day covered in style. It features casual styling and stealthily techy fabrics that transition seamlessly from morning commutes to office-worthy attire all without missing a step. Small touches such as reflective graphics and a rear bike...

Price: $74.95
Sale Price: $71.05

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Sombrio Squall Jacket - Men's Sombrio Squall Jacket - Men's

When you plan on a ride all day only to see the morning's sunny skies replaced by angry afternoon ones once you leave work, stuff the Sombrio Squall Jacket into your pack and head out anyway. Gloomy clouds and impending rain are often a recipe for abandoned trails, so take advantage of reduced...

Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $95.40

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