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Santini Zest Jersey - Men's
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When we think of the past 50 years of cycling, our minds keep seeing this little SMS logo on champions' jerseys as far back as Hinault. Naturally, as astute students of Italian race history, our hearts melt under the banner of Santini Maglificio Sportivo. And why not Everyone from Pantani to Evans has worn Santini, and for obvious reasons. Pieces like the Zest Jersey embody all of the qualities of hand-made, Italian design -- a precise fit, impeccable construction, and exclusive fabrics that're second-to-none. To make the Zest jersey suitable for a wide range of climates, Santini constructed it from its Microsense fabric. This material is features a lightweight polyester construction that is both breathable and highly conforming to the body. Its design leans towards the airy end of the spectrum, with Santini recommending it for temperatures varying from the low 60s to the upper 90 degrees Fahrenheit range. This heat tolerance is supported by a few key features. Of course, at the front of the jersey, there's a full-length zipper that's indispensable for dumping heat on-the-fly. But, the consistent thermo-regulation is due to Microsense's open weave design. This technique provides a constant level of breathability, regardless of your level of exertion. And when your core temperature rises, and the sweat begins to permeate your skin, Microsense will wick that moisture to the jersey's quick-drying surface to keep you dry and comfortable. However, this isn't to say that the Zest jersey is only good for its fabric. Santini knows that expensive, technical fabrics are moot when a jersey's fit is off. And in our opinion, fit is wear Santini truly breaks off onto its own course. Knowing that the Zest isn't meant for lounging, Santini designed the cut to accommodate your body in the cycling position. What does this mean Simple. The shape of everything from the seams to the hems are contoured for the position of reaching from the saddle to the bars. This design principle...