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Levi's Commuter Series Trucker 2.0 Jacket - Men's
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We admit it, denim isn't the obvious choice for cycling. However, if you're anything like us, your time out of the saddle is seen through 'denim-goggles.' Not surprisingly, Levi's observed our daily style and forced the question on us, why not wear denim on your commutes And with its new Commuter Trucker 2. 0 Jacket, we find ourselves asking the same question. Why not This isn't some run-of-the-mill, one-off attempt at appeasing a subculture. Instead, Levi's worked closely with cyclists in multiple cities around America, distributing prototypes and accepting feedback. And, as a result of developing the jacket in accordance to critique, Levi's effectively dialed-in the fit, accoutrement, and finishes to what cyclists are actually asking for. Accordingly, Levi's adapted its staple denim jacket to the purpose of cycling. The Commuter Trucker feature a water-resistant and dirt-repellent NanoSphere protective finish to make commuting in hostile weather a little more acceptable, especially if your destination is the office. It's for this very reason that Levi's also incorporated an odor-resistant Sanitized finish to the jacket, too. So, clever compositions aside, Levi's also gave the Trucker a cycling-specific cut. What does this mean To start, the rear hem has been elongated in order to provide additional coverage while you're stretched out over the bars. Additionally, the arms have been lengthened for the same reason. Levi's has also created the pattern of the Trucker on a slight contour with built-in stretch panels running parallel with the torso. You'll also find specific features for cycling like a large flapped-vent across the back panel. Additionally, the elongated tail is capable of being moved up and out of the way with button closures. Furthermore, you're also able to let in or let out the waist hem with button closures. For storage on your rides, the Trucker 2. 0 features a large rear cargo pocket, two buttoned chest pockets, and two hand pockets. And ...