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Giordana Trade FormaRed Carbon Limited Edition Long Sleeve Jersey - Men's
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Giordana knows that when you need to ride, you're not going to let a little weather get in your way. Every year, it strives to improve upon its line, and the Trade FormaRed Carbon Limited Edition Long Sleeve Jersey is no exception. Now, you're able to brave the outdoors with the confidence that you'll stay warm. For the construction of the new FormaRed Carbon long sleeve jersey, Giordana incorporated a new fabric selection, Dual Fit Strong. Now, we know that you're probably used to seeing a veritable cornucopia of specifically-functioning materials in your Giordana jerseys, but Giordana knew that Dual Fit Strong is capable of singularly serving its purpose -- keeping you warm. As its name suggests, the fabric is strong, but what isn't delineated is its comfort. Dual Fit utilizes the new Reduced Point of Contact technology and Dual Weaving construction. Working together, the two systems reduce the number of contact points between the jersey and the skin. This not only decreases the possibility of abrasion, but it also creates an enhanced circulation of airflow for both insulation and ventilation. Further along these lines, the combination of the fabric's spiral-shaped weave pattern and an Interpower treatment, powerfully wicks moisture away from the skin to the quick-drying surface. Basically, with a weighty outer-layer, staying dry is equivalent to staying warm. The FormaRed Carbon long sleeve jersey uses a multi-panel design that, when combined with the malleable fabric, provides a complete freedom of movement. To keep the jersey in place, Giordana included a silicone gripper on the rear waistband. The jersey features a tall collar and elongated wrist cuffs to provide protection from the elements and chill. FormaRed also has a full-length Camlock zipper with an AeroFix wind guard at the collar. To house your ride essentials, Giordana gave the jersey three generous back pockets. For your more valuable possessions, there's a Camlock zippered security pocket tha...