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Giordana Trade FormaRed Carbon Custom Jacket - Men's
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We all desire a jump on next year's competition, but most of us encounter miserable weather that conveniently coincides with off-season base miles. Leave it to an Italian manufacturer to design a jacket worthy of the harshest winters. With the Giordana Trade FormaRed Carbon Custom Jacket you will believe that winter is just a mild inconvenience. The FormaRed Carbon Custom jacket is a part of the Giordana FormaRed Carbon line, an award-winning series that consistently sets the bar for technical innovation and performance. The hallmark of the line is its fit. FormaRed Carbon clothes allow total freedom of movement while fitting like second skin--a feature claimed by many cycling clothing companies but only realized by a select few. The FormaRed Carbon Custom jacket was constructed with a multi-paneled design that used different fabrics in focused areas of the jacket. The two primary fabrics incorporated were HD44 and HD44 Light. 'HD' stands for high-density, and 44 represents the number of threads used in the yarn. The higher the thread count, the better the fabric is at wicking sweat away from your skin. HD44 and HD44 Light are three-layer fabrics that include a windblocking, but breathable, WindTex membrane and an inner layer of soft, sweat-wicking fleece that has both an antibacterial treatment and a Lycra component for added stretch. The evaporative cooling effect of air rushing over moist skin may be desirable in hot weather, but in a winter chill, dry skin is the key to warmth. The outer surfaces of these fabrics received a Durable Water Repellant (DWR) treatment for protection against rain. Now, you're probably starting to wonder where the 'carbon' is in FormaRed Carbon. Well, it's actually covering the back and side panels -- Host Carbon to be exact. This material is knit with a carbon fiber filament. Why The carbon reinforces the honeycomb-knit Lycra, making it lighter, yet stronger, and allowing it to stretch in all directions, not just four-way...