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De Marchi PRO Long Sleeve Jersey - Men's
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Arm warmers, jackets, vests, base layers -- fall is a transitional season, and as such, you'll find yourself donning and doffing layers upon layers in order to keep your core temperature consistent. However, we recommend scrapping the litany of options for just one perfect layer, De Marchi's PRO Long Sleeve Jersey. De Marchi constructed the PRO long sleeve jersey from a mid-weight, two-layer fabric. This thermal fabric is hydrophobic, meaning that it's incapable of retaining water. So, instead of retaining moisture, the inner thermal layer draws sweat to the outer micro-mesh layer where it rapidly evaporates. This process effectively keeps your skin dry, which of course, leads to keeping your core temperature warmer. To stress the importance of this, let's conduct a little experiment together. First, blow on the back of your hand. Not really cold, right Now, wet the back of your hand and repeat. Surely, you're experiencing a bit of a chill. Now, just imagine that your breath is 50 degrees, and you'll start to grasp the relevance of this fabric's technology. When cold air comes into contact with damp skin and a tired body, the effect is one of possible hypothermia. This nasty process is what drove Basso out of the this year's Vuelta, so it's best to plan ahead of smart materials. As for the fit, De Marchi constructed this jersey on a contour, meaning that its seam structure is oriented to the position of cycling. As a result, you'll find that the rear hem is lower while in the standing position, which results in a total level of coverage while you're stretch out over the hoods. This means that the stomach is free from any fabric bunching, while the back is left able to protect against wheel-spray from the road. The PRO Jersey was designed with three back pockets to hold all of your riding essentials. It's been finished with a full-length zipper and reflective accents that increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions. The De Marchi Pro Lo...