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Castelli Audace Jersey - Long-Sleeve - Men's - Men's
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Function over form is a compromise that you'll never have to make with Castelli. Perhaps this is the reason that Castelli chose the untranslated French for "audacity" for the name of its new Audace Long Sleeve Jersey In fact, the more that we think about it, the name is actually quite fitting. With the Audace, Castelli designed a cool-weather jersey that permits uncompromising, audacious attacks without running the risk of overheating -- not to mention a bold aesthetic. The body of the Audace jersey was constructed from Castelli's Warmer material. This breathable mid-weight fabric features a soft fleece inside which, in addition to be comfortable against the skin, keeps your core dry. Warmer's inherent wicking properties spread perspiration quickly and evenly for efficient evaporation. This ensures that your core stays dry. A dry core in cool weather is a key to keeping warm. This jersey is recommended for temperatures in the 59 to 68 degree range. In the dead of winter, it is the perfect layer beneath the Castelli Free Jacket FZ. Enabling the fabric's technical properties is a conforming race fit that's the product of a century of custom-tailoring. Castelli knows a thing or two about fit. It defined modern cycling wear with many firsts, including Lycra shorts. An example of Castelli's innovation, used here in the Audace, are the sleeves -- they were articulated forward. This allows for maximum contact between the skin and the jersey, which enhances Warmer's insulating properties. It also eliminates excess material while in riding position. Continuing its commitment to cycling-specific fit, Castelli re-visited the design of the Audace Jersey. It used its new Warmer X-Stretch fabric on the sleeves in order to allow an even closer, free-moving fit. To house your ride essentials, Castelli included three pockets at the rear of the jersey. And to both secure the fit while these pockets are loaded and to prevent the jersey from riding up while you're stretched over t...