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Craft Performance Storm Jacket - Men's
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We know that keeping our torsos shielded from the rain, wind, and cold is imperative while out spinning the winter months away. But, while protecting ourselves from Mother Nature, we also need our jackets to form to our bodies and not flap around like oversized wind socks. This is the mindset that Craft took while designing its new Performance Storm Jacket. Essentially, it provides you with protection against the elements through the combination of Craft's flexible fabrics and its anatomic, cycling-specific fit. With its fleecy lining and impenetrable shell, Craft's Performance Storm jacket provides you with the two things that you need most on nasty winter days -- insulation and wind protection. The fabric on the front of the jacket is stretchy, in spite of it also containing wind-breaker panels. This is an important part of what makes it so comfortable. Adding to this comfort, the Performance Storm is also light enough to eliminate the feeling of being weighed down. It also features a brushed fleece interior that keeps you warm while it works to pull moisture away from your body. As a result, you won't have a sweat buildup that chills you from within. Craft also added a similar brushed flex fleece on the inner-collar in order to keep your neck from getting cold in adverse weather. The rear of the jacket has a similar barrier fabric that protects against the wind and rain. It's outfitted for long, intense days in the saddle and includes three rear pockets and a zippered fourth rear pocket. Craft placed this secure pocket in the middle of the back, so that when you carry your keys and phone, the weight of your essentials won't throw off the fit of the jacket. And since music players have become an essential item, a hole inside the back pocket has been fashioned to conveniently route your headphone wires. Reflective elements on the front, sides, and back have also been included to increase your visibility in low-light conditions. The Craft Performance Storm Ja...