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Craft RadioShack Nissan Trek Elite Aero Jersey - Men's - Men's
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The Craft RadioShack Nissan Trek Elite Aero Jersey borrows the same design and fabrics used by the pro squad's team riders. Craft was able to incorporate feedback provided by the team to create a super lightweight jersey that fits exactly as it should while tucked down in the cycling position. The result is that when fully zipped, the jersey holds firmly to your torso, making sure that you stay fast and aerodynamic throughout your ride. The Elite Aero Jersey was constructed from several of Craft's cooling, Hexachannel fabrics. The majority of the paneling is made from C101, a wicking elastic fabric that's woven with a tetra-channeled thread, which is soft and comfortable against the skin. This material rapidly pulls moisture off of the skin and transfers it to the quick-drying outer layer. Aiding in this process are the C107 mesh underarm panels. Additionally, the C101 fabric is used in conjunction with C504 and C505 for their ability to cool the skin with their boxy, Hexachannel structures. The shoulders of the jersey were hit with C506, as this material provides exceptional elasticity and moisture management. Craft used its 'bodymapping' technology to target areas of the torso prone to developing hot spots, and it incorporated panels made from these separate materials to further aid temperature regulation. The jersey is patterned on an anatomic form that was designed to fit perfectly while in the riding position. As the name implies, the jersey is more aerodynamic than Craft's other collections. This jersey was meant to fit tighter than your standard road jersey, in order to keep drag to a minimum. You may feel a little bunching while standing upright, but on the bike, the fit is precise. The stretchy fabric, elastic 'wing-panel' construction, and silicone-backed hem help the jersey conform to your body, yet still provides you with a full range of motion. With three deep pockets on the jersey's lower back panel, there is plenty of room for additional clot...