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Capo Pursuit Long Sleeve Jersey - Men's
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Not every jersey is created equal. Capo knows this, and if you've been doing your research, you know this, too. Some have a great fit that's been degraded by poor materials, while others are just completely wrong from neck to waist, and rarely do we ever see a full spectrum of quality embodied within one jersey. It was this conundrum that inspired Capo to dig deep into its Italian heritage and create a winter jersey that meets all of your demands. The Pursuit Long Sleeve Jersey has a fit worthy of the Spring Classics and a level of protection that's at once accommodating to layering, yet strong enough to hold its own throughout the shoulder season. It's easy to know what you're getting into with Capo. After all, Capo's series categories signify the purpose of every piece in its line. For instance, the Pursuit long sleeve jersey is part of the illustrious Corsa Series. And while this might sound like an overly flamboyant way to say 'race-cut,' the title is indicative of Capo's Italian obsession and race-quality orientation. So, to strike the perfect balance between comfort and warmth, Capo constructed the Pursuit long sleeve jersey from a combination of the top-tier Thermo Roubaix and Winter Quattro fabrics, with the bulk of the construction falling to the latter. This material features a dual-knit composition that provides equal parts breathability and insulation. At the side panels and underarms, Thermo Roubaix has been placed to promote both stretch, breathability, and warmth. With a warp-knit construction, the material has a natural stretch. Within the knit, the threads follow a zig-zag pattern along the length of the jersey. This allows more surface area coverage while using less material, equating directly to an airy, lightweight construction. Thermo Roubaix's open, hollow core weave also accelerates moisture transfer from the skin to the quick-drying surface of the jersey. However, the precise brushing process is what contributes most to its warmth. After...