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Capo SC-12 Softshell Jacket - Men's
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Capo has made your preparations as easy as the SC-12 Softshell Jacket. With a cycling-specific design and a proprietary fabric construction, the SC-12 will tame the wildest of winter days. Capo's SC-12 Softshell jacket falls under what it calls its Super Corsa Series. Designed to wrap the bodies of the cycling elite, Super Corsa places an emphasis on compression, comfort, materials, and above all, warmth. So, toeing this line, the SC-12 was constructed from a blend of Capo's fabrics -- the Alpino Softshell and the Super Roubaix Carbon. Starting with Alpino, this material strikes the ideal balance between insulation and breathability. Operating as a membrane between the skin and the elements, the fabric regulates the internal temperature of the jersey by releasing excess heat between the material and the skin. But mainly, this system promotes warmth by keeping you dry. Don't believe us Time for an experiment. Blow over the top of your hand. Now, wet your skin and blow again. Colder right That's why Alpino's composition favors a lightweight, softshell design over bulky, fleecy fabrics. Alpino is not only wind-resistant, but Capo made sure that it was water-resistant, as well. Match that with a slim cut from hem to hem, and there's not a chance that rain or snow is getting in. In addition to prepping for the elements, Alpino has been designed to be highly malleable in order to complement the cycling-specific flexibility of the jacket's cut. Capo made the SC-12 with a lengthened rear hem, a multiple panel construction, and pre-shaped sleeves. The idea was to complement the body in motion, and by doing so, reducing any possibility of abrasion along the way. Even further along these lines, Capo incorporated Super Roubaix Carbon lateral stretch panels. This microfiber has a four-way stretch construction with elements of carbon fiber within the composition. This gives the material a natural anti-microbial characteristic that will fight off odor creating bacteria. Fo...