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Capo Padrone Short Sleeve Jersey - Men's
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The tailored shirt. Bespoke. The fit is perfect. So perfect, you don't need exciting colors or patterns to call attention to yourself. The look doesn't shout; it speaks softly, confidently. It's the look of a master, a patron. This is the why of the Capo Padrone Short Sleeve Jersey. This jersey is not tailored, not bespoke, yet it fits that way and looks as if you were treated to a personal size by Capo, much in the way pro teams seem to get a size run that isn't three or four different items from small to extra large, but eighteen. This jersey will have a flat-against-the-skin, almost entirely bunch-free, tug-free look when you zip it up. The look is easy. The work to get it that perfect was hard. The Padrone took eighteen months to develop, and it is comprised of 22 panels made of several fabrics. The panels for the chest, shoulders, and sleeves are HSC, high stretch compression. It's lightweight, breathable, wicking skinsuit material. Under the arms is Silver Aid, a quick-drying dual-knit micro-fiber with silver thread that breathes even better than the HSC and has anti-bacterial qualities. There is Carbon E across the back in a pattern that almost mimics your bibs. This material, a dual-knit micro fiber with carbon thread, doesn't stretch as much as the other panels, offering stability to the jersey when your pockets are full. The front of the waist and the sleeves are cuffed with a new creation Capo calls Dual-Ply Power V. It is two fabrics bonded together; vertically-ribbed Power Lycra on the outside for controlled stretch and V-Mesh on the inside for comfort, grip, and wicking. The fit is like a skinsuit, but it breathes much better. The jersey is cut shorter in front to make sure that the material doesn't pucker when you're riding the drops. And the Dual-Ply Power V gripper-like material is softer and more comfortable than the silicone grippers you often find on skinsuits. The design of the three traditional pockets has also been considered and modified. ...