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Assos iJ.shaqUno Jacket - Men's
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For more than 10 years, Assos has been the proud sponsor of the Swiss Cycling Federation. And in this time, it's taken the responsibility of supporting the development of burgeoning young cyclists. As a result, Assos' Uno line of jackets was born. According to Assos, this line creates a "welcome, thank you" price-point that enables those cutting their teeth in the field to experience total protection and comfort. For this reason, the iJ. shaqUno Jacket received its namesake, as "shaq" is short for little warrior in Arabic. And while Assos admits that iJ. shaqUno isn't the cheapest jacket in the world, it could very well be the last one that you'll ever need. Assos designed the iJ. shaqUno jacket to be worn with only a skinFoil body insulator underneath. And when you take into account that this piece falls into its Winter 6 ALS ClimaRange (around 41 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit), you begin to wonder how this is possible from such a thin construction. To start, it took proprietary fabrics that were designed and produced at the Assos Textile Laboratory. Secondly, it incorporated two separate fabrics for two separate purposes. Assos calls this a "double-face construction." Against the skin, you'll find Assos' venerable RX material, which is a fleecy, bi-elastic fabric that conforms to the body in movement. Essentially, its primary purpose is one of insulation, and its secondary purpose is to efficiently wick moisture away from the skin. Needless to say, RX succeeds at both. The second layer of the construction is there to stave off winds and to act as an evaporation channel for excess moisture. Interestingly, though, these two layers are not bonded. Instead, Assos chose to attach them around the jacket. Accordingly, you're permitted far greater freedom of movement. And going even further with this concept, the two layers are different in size. Essentially, this allows the jacket to create pockets of insulation between the layers, keeping your core temperature thoroughl...