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Assos iJ.suisseOlympiakos_s7 Long Sleeve Jersey - Men's
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If you've been riding with Assos for a little while, you know two things to be true: 1) Assos is the proud supporter of the national Swiss cycling team and 2) The "iJ" in a title stands for intermediate jacket. However, in true Assos fashion, it set to shatter the jacket paradigm with its new iJ. suisseOlympiakos_s7 Long Sleeve Jersey. Is it a jacket, or is it a jersey Well, it's kind of both, but Assos simply calls it "intermediate." Either way, it allows you to pay homage to Switzerland and stay warm at the same time. The list of work that went into the iJ. suisseOlympiakos_s7 reads more like the demands of a lunatic fashionista than a jersey -- 17 patterns, 14 components, and six different textiles. Now, we're not saying that quantities alone make the intermediate exceptional. After all, anyone can pour slop into a bucket and call it gumbo. It's Assos' technical design prowess and proprietary fabrics that bring the iJ. suisseOlympiakos_s7 to fruition. Starting with the materials themselves, Assos spared no expense in placing the perfect fabric at the ideal location. The front panel is comprised of the windproof stratagonUltra airBlock fabric. This material protects the torso from icy winds while providing ample stretch for movement. Additionally, its low volume makes it highly breathable for thermo-regulation. For the side and rear panels, Assos used its new ASSOS Type. v X121 summer textile. Why a summer-weight material on a cold weather jersey Easy speed. Your sides and back are the focal points of ventilation, meaning that heat escapes at these regions. And according to Assos, this material dries 34% faster than prior iterations. So your internal temperature will remain consistent, and your skin will stay dry. The top of the arms use a lightweight, low-volume insulation fleece that conforms to your contours. Working as a cohesive unit, the materials keep you dry, protected, insulated, and unrestricted. However, this would all mean nothing without Assos' ...