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SUGOi RS Bib Knickers - Men's
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In temperate winter climates where wind and rain isn't an issue you wrestle with, the Sugoi RS Bib Knickers come in to protect your joints from exposure and keep you comfortable in while you ride. Made with a 10 panel contour fit, these knickers are loaded with features to keep you feel good in the saddle and riding longer. The tights are constructed from Sugoi Ultra Aero fabric. A unique fabric in the Sugoi line, the surface is dimpled to create less friction and superior aerodynamics while you are riding. The firm stretch of the fabric provides a supportive fit to help keep muscles energized and working efficiently during extreme conditions. The fabric is brought together with a flat seam to avoid chafing where common seams rub, making the tights more comfortable to wear for longer distances. Along with having aerodynamic qualities, the Ultra Aero is also an incredibly resilient fabric. You can stretch it to the limits and it will still keep its shape. This helps if you accidentally buy a size slightly to small for your frame. Rest assured that you won't blow through the fabric quickly. Breathable, Mobil Mesh bibs are sewn to the tights at the waist. Made with a spandex mesh blend, these bibs provide comfortable movement and also have wicking properties to aid in keeping you cool and dry. The knickers come with the Formula FX insert, a top of the line chamois Sugoi makes, offering excellent performance for both elite racers and committed club members. The Stretch V-Control high density padding adds thickness to the chamois where it is needed, under pressure points, softening the blow of road vibrations. A molded center channel adds additional pressure relief to your perinial area. Four-way stretch side panels mold to the contours of your body so your movements aren't inhibited when you stand up to sprint. To make the chamois fit better with the shorts, the inseam has been eliminated to reduce under-chamois bulk. The RS Bib Kni...