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Louis Garneau Perfo Light Power Bib Short - Men's
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Surely, you've heard that the best things in life are free. However, you've probably also heard that there's no such thing as a free lunch. This leaves us all at a median-zone quandary. So in terms of cycling, we like to say that the best things come at low prices. Not surprisingly, Louis Garneau's Perfo Light Power Bib Shorts doesn't dispute our assertion. For the Perfo Light's construction, Garneau incorporated two different fabrics at two different sections. Starting at the shorts, we find the bread-and-butter Delfino material. This fabric features a dimpled mesh structure, which, at the interior, appears as an attempt at perforation that didn't quite make it through the material. Accordingly, these 'pockets' in the fabric act much as a honeycomb knit does, effectively pulling sweat away from the skin. Along these lines, Delfino tends to absorb less moisture than most Lycra blends, accelerating evaporation in order to leave you riding dry. Additionally, Delfino is a tremendous muscle supporter. With a 195g/m2 fabric weight, and a calculated blend of Lycra and nylon, this materials essentially holds the muscle groups in place, protecting them from the fatigue-inducing effects of road vibration. Garneau has also taken the precautionary step of protecting the fabric itself. In fact, Garneau claims that Delfino maintains its properties and colors after being exposed to concentrations of chlorine 15 times that of pool water. So, durability is assured for both the muscles and the fabric. In terms of fit, Garneau designed the shorts to be perfectly adaptable to the position and movements of cycling. In fact, Garneau cut the Perfo on an anatomic contour in order to ensure this. This works in coordination with the shorts' 11-panel design, ensuring that every body movement is predicted and supported. And securing this fit are Garneau's compressive Power Band leg grippers and highly breathable Power Mesh uppers. For the chamois, Garneau included its venerable AirZone...