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Louis Garneau CB Carbon Bib Short - Men's - Men's
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Louis Garneau's CB Carbon Bib Shorts are built for the cyclist that puts long hours into the saddle. Essentially, it embodies all of the features necessary for this task, only at about half of the typical asking price. Unlike common dark textiles that absorb radiant energy, Louis Garneau treated the CB bib shorts with its UV-blocking, Coldblack finish in order to reflect the sun's heat. This allows you to avoid overheating during physical activity on hot, sunny days by keeping the actual surface temperature of the fabric lower. Impressed Well, Garneau wasn't done yet. Also keeping you cool is the CB's blend of Lycra and carbon fiber. This mix results in an engineered outer surface that's texturized for an efficient temperature management. Additionally, its breathable knit accelerates moisture transfer in order to maintain core comfort. But, you're probably wondering if this reference to 'carbon' is actually 'carbon fiber' The answer is yes. This carbon element has anti-static properties that protect you from the absorption of static and rogue atmospheric electrical interference for an increased anaerobic output. In non-tinfoil hat speak, we're talking about cell phone tower output, smog, and even acid rain. But, that's not even the extent of this fabric technical features It's optimized, along with the CB's 11 panels, to enhance blood circulation for an improved oxygenation of cells. To do this, the soft-to-the-touch, stretchy knit molds to the curves of your body for maximum muscle compression. The result is an increased blood flow and a reduction of muscle vibration. Together, this equates to a reduction of fatigue. Flatlock seams tie all of the panels together to eliminate irritation and reduce chafing. And where aerodynamics is paramount, laser cut transitions provide an ultra-smooth path for airflow. At the business end of the CB, Louis Garneau's Airgel chamois ensures this is a long distance bib. It's constructed from Crabyon fabric and perforated ...