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Giordana Trade FormaRed Carbon Custom Bib Tights - Men's
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While we're filled with elation living in the mountains in the summer, once dusk creeps up on us at the end of the workday, the cold cruelty of winter crushes our souls. To maintain a semblance of sanity, we ride through Jack Frost's bitter breath using the Giordana Trade FormaRed Carbon Custom Bib Tights as are our shield. For the construction of the bib tights, Giordana used its bread-and-butter winter-weight fabric, Super Roubaix. This material uses an interlocking, microfiber knit construction that creates a highly breathable and warming loft. But Giordana didn't only use this material for warmth. In fact, Super Roubaix is highly stretchable, and it also provides a slight compression that dissipates fatigue by supporting the muscle groups of the legs. Additionally, Super Roubaix AZ material has been incorporated into the seat panels in order to keep you protected from wheel-spray. FormaRed uses this thick, stretchy, and breathable material for its water-repellent qualities. You've probably ridden in winter tights that are plenty warm, yet completely awkward in the fit department. Giordana breaks the mold of ill-fitting winter apparel. The Trade bib tights use a curved, multi-panel design that, when combined with the malleable Super Roubaix fabric, anatomically conforms to your body's contours. This occurs while also providing a complete freedom of movement. And to preserve the fit while you pedal, Giordana has included a silicone gripper at the cuff. You'll also find Camlock zippers at the ankles for both security and adjustability. Ultimately, though, the bib straps are the most prone to abrasion and moisture accumulation. Knowing this, the Trade bib tights use the warming, soft, and breathable AeroFix fabric. For ventilation, the "rear window" over the small of the back has been constructed from the Naxos Mesh material. With these uppers, security doesn't come at the cost of abrasion and sweat. The bib tights' chamois is one that Giordana touts as being...