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Giordana Silverline Men's Shorts - Men's
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There are many reasons to prefer shorts to bib shorts, with one of the most prominent having to do with the natural functions of your body. Shorts also make life easier for those who don't wish to hassle with the potential abrasion of bib straps. However, as we're sure you've noticed, the manufacturing focus has long been on bib shorts, leaving second-tier technology remaining for shorts. But, if you need a solid pair of shorts that sacrifice nothing in the fabric or chamois departments, Giordana's Silverline Shorts are what you've been looking for. Silverline is Giordana's gift to people who want amazing value for their money. These shorts feature a multi-fabric construction, starting with Moxie at the exterior thigh panels. With a fabric weight of 210g/m2, this material provides a slightly compressive fit in order to minimize the power-sapping effects of road vibration and oscillation. However, due to its nylon/spandex composition, the material is remarkably conforming, regardless of its muscle supporting properties. At the inner thigh, Giordana placed its Zaffiro fabric. And while its position on the shorts plays directly to added durability at a high point of abrasion, its highly compact weave provides a balanced, multi-directional elasticity that aids in your power output. Rising up towards the core region, we found that Giordana's Core Contour System trickled down from its higher end offerings. Essentially, this system uses a micro-mesh fabric that wraps the waist with anatomically designed inserts in order to eliminate bunching in the riding position. The mesh also supplies the core with ample ventilation, while wicking moisture away from the skin. This process is essential, given that the overlapping of the jersey and shorts creates a highly potential hot zone in this region. Securing the fit are Giordana's new LoPro 45 leg cuffs. These are two 45mm wide, soft printed bands that provide security through an ultra-thin silicone gripper. The system ensure...