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De Marchi PRO Bib Tights - Men's
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Wearing leg warmers for cold weather rides is so passe when you have tights as warm and comfortable as the De Marchi PRO Bib Tights -- one layer of thermal fabric and you're out the door. De Marchi's PRO Bib Tights were constructed from the patented Roubaix fabric. Developed for cold weather riding, Roubaix is a winter-weight microfiber that uses an interlocking knit construction. With a fit and external feel similar to standard Lycra, Roubaix provides a thicker knit and a warm, fleecy feel against the skin. Additionally, the fleeced interior holds body heat against your skin while it also wicks moisture away. After all, it's no fun to ride when you're soaked with sweat. Now, you might not have known this, but CyTech is actually the brainchild of De Marchi. So, to say that De Marchi knows a thing or two about a chamois is gross understatement. Applying this knowledge, De Marchi outfitted the PRO tights with an Elastic Interface Technology Race insert. This chamois uses a variable density throughout the pad to support the regions that need the most support, without impacting the ones that don't. And for CyTech, the support focus is primarily placed at the perineal, ischial, and gluteal areas -- the points most prone to distress from saddle pressure and compression. With its anatomic, Elastic Interface design, the CyTech chamois creates an abrasion-free support that promotes an increased circulation by protecting nerves like the pudendal. Even more impressive, the CyTech chamois is road-specific. CyTech engineers realize that saddles and saddle positions vary throughout different disciplines of cycling, and the PRO's chamois density patterns are mindful of the specific pressures of road cycling. The De Marchi PRO Bib Tights are available in five sizes from Small to XX-Large in the color Black.