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Castelli Body Paint Tour Limited Bib Shorts - Men's
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Castelli's Body Paint lineup never ceases to impress us, as the fit is always spot-on and the ultra-thin fabric applications make seamless transitions (literally) to our skin. Positive feedback from professional team riders continues to flow into Castelli's headquarters, which is why it decided to produce a new limited run of its popular bib shorts. Using the same smooth materials from the original Body Paint bibs, the Castelli Body Paint Tour Limited Bib Shorts give you some of the fastest shorts on the planet, in an entirely new 'Tour' graphic treatment. The Body Paint composition feels as it sounds, like a barely-there skin layer that's been painted on. However, this isn't a byproduct of design, but the intent itself. In fact, every aspect of the design works to make the fit as precise as possible. This way, by eliminating fabric bunching and pulling, airflow passes over the shorts more freely. Integral in this concept is the fabric selection itself, in this case a lightweight Lycra that can only be described as soft. Furthering this attribute is the bib shorts' nearly seamless construction. The legs feature a one-piece design that flows continuously to the upper regions of the shorts. This smooth upper portion of the bibs is made from the exclusive Giro bib straps. Basically, this is a single strip of Giro fabric that's very soft and stretchy. Castelli then eliminated the Lycra trim that typically edges bib straps, and more often than not, cuts into your shoulders to cause discomfort. Over the past year, Castelli has worked extensively with Team Garmin-Barracuda in order to absorb rider feedback, tunnel test, and to achieve real-world race experience. As a result, the cut, shape, and elasticity of the bib shorts have been scientifically and methodically dialed-in. This brings us to the shorts' aerodynamic benefits. It all comes down to managing airflow, and coincidentally, the human body accounts for over 90% of aerodynamic drag on the bike. To mitigate thi...