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Castelli Merlin Team Bib Shorts - Men's
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We find it fitting that a classic frame builder like Merlin partnered with an iconic designer like Castelli in order to create the Merlin Team Bib Shorts. Yes, the Atlantic Ocean might physically separate the two, but they're undeniably united in a common dedication to perfection. So, whether you say 'espresso' or 'expresso,' you'll still be experiencing the ultimate in comfort. Starting with the bulk of the construction, Castelli employed the venerable Affinity Lycra at the quads and hamstring areas of the shorts. This material features a compositional weight of 210g/m2. Now, you're probably digging for relevance here, so let us explain. This form of measurement, g/m2, describes the pressure required to return a fabric to its natural state of rest after a specific percentile of elongation. In other words, it's a measurement of its elasticity, and at 210g/m2, Affinity confirms itself as a certified Power Lycra. Accordingly, it will hold your muscle groups firm against the fatigue-inducing effects of road vibration and muscle oscillation. However, this isn't to say that this material is coarse and heavy. Instead, you'll find that it's quite breathable, lending itself perfectly to hot racing and riding conditions. At the side and back panels of the bib shorts, Castelli placed its Shield micro fabric. This material features a lighter compositional weight and a higher level of elasticity than Affinity. For this reason, Castelli placed it at common points of articulation and stretch. So, you needn't worry about any chafing or rubbing, as the bib shorts are designed for a natural level of body conformity. And while having some of the best materials in the world at your disposal is a good start, Castelli knows that the true quality of bib shorts lies in the fit. That's why the Merlin Team features a minimally seamed construction. Additionally, the legs use Castelli's compliant, barely-there Giro3 grippers. For the uppers, Castelli continued with the ever-evolving mic...