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Craft Performance Storm Bib Tight - Men's - Men's
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When you're out training, the last thing that you need is the constant slipping and bunching of leg warmers. But you're probably wondering what your other option is Well, let's evaluate what you need. First, warmth is an given essential. After that, though, you need your legs to feel just as free as they do in your summer bib shorts. And this where the Craft Performance Storm Bib Tights come in. They act like a second skin, while also keeping your legs warm and your cadence high. Craft's Performance Storm bib tights were constructed with a multi-paneled pattern that uses different fabrics in focused areas of the bib tights. First, Craft used its wind-blocking C393 material on the front of the legs. Why Because this is the area that gets hit hardest by chilling breezes. Meanwhile, Craft's insulating, brushed fabric, C392, was placed at the back of the legs and in areas where warmth and comfort are needed. In total, Craft used four different fabrics on this one pair of bib tights in order to keep you warm and dry for the whole duration of your ride. As for the cut of the bib tights, Craft cut them high for ample coverage at the waist area. This shape will block a majority of frontal drafts, leaving you consistently warm. However, getting too warm is non-issue given that Craft finished the uppers with breathable straps. This way sweat doesn't build up between them and your base layer. These bib tights feature Craft's Performance chamois. Essentially, this is a four-way stretch insert that incorporates different densities of EVA foam throughout its construction. So, you receive more padding where you need it, say, the sit bones area, and less where you don't, like the perineal region. This construction also relieves pressure on the pudendal nerve, which is the key culprit in numbness in your feet and genitals. To minimize abrasion, the chamois also features a seamless construction. To ease entry and exit of the bib tights, Craft included full-length ankle zip...