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Capo Padrone Roubaix Bib Knickers - Men's
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When we think of winter riding, naturally, nothing but the worst case scenarios fill our heads. However, if you're prepared, you can be the master of the freeze from atop your Fi'zi:k throne. Not coincidentally, the 'padrone' in the Capo Padrone Roubaix Bib Knickers literally translates to 'master.' So, pull on these bib knickers, grab Old Man Winter by the ear, and get out riding. To place the Padrone Roubaix bib knickers near the top of its warming bottoms, Capo had to use two specific fabrics, Thermo Roubaix and WindTex Dream. In the design, WindTex Dream acts as a membrane to the body construction of Thermo Roubaix, and the reason is obvious. With a warp-knit construction, the material has a natural stretch. Within the knit, the threads follow a zig-zag pattern along the length of the knickers. This allows more surface area coverage while using less material, equating directly to an airy, lightweight construction. Thermo Roubaix's open weave also accelerates moisture transfer from the skin to the quick-drying surface of the knickers, however, the precise brushing process is what contributes most to its warmth. After the dying process, dedicated machines perform a brush to the inner-lining that provides a high, fleecy, and warming loft. WindTex Dream also contributes to the warming sensation of the Padrone bib knickers, but its main task is to block the wind and rain. Featuring a triple-layer composition, the membrane is both wind- and water-resistant. Additionally, the membrane is extremely breathable, so you can check off all of the boxes on your wish list -- breathability, warmth, and dryness. And while top-end fabrics are terrific, their use is null if the fit is out of order. That's why the Padrone bib knickers' fit is nothing short of impeccable. Using a multi-panel, contoured design, the knickers follow the shape of your body, while following its movements in and out of the saddle. The uppers have been cut purposefully wide for ample surface coverage...