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Assos LL.bonKa_s5 Bib Tights - Men's
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Assos' LL. bonKa_s5 Bib Tights are similar to its LL. bonKa_s5 Tights, with anatomic shaping of the Roubaix and Roubaix Q fabric panels, but they increase the cold-weather comfort by adding Stratagone wind/waterproof material to exposed frontal portions of your legs. The total garment weight is hardly more than the LL. 607 version, but the performance effect in winter's worst conditions is well worth the difference. Assos gives the S5 Bib Tights the FI. Mille_S5 Chamois. It's curved to perfectly fit your body, and it has a built-in channel in the pad to reduce genital pressure. In addition, it has the same softness and heat-ventilation dimples of the FI. 13 chamois. Assos gives it the 'Long Distance' designation as it has more surface area than the FI. 13, it stretches less than the FI. 13, and it has a stabilizer built into the chamois, causing it to move less during your pedal stroke. One aspect of the FI. Mille chamois that we like is that the front portion is cut high enough to prevent "podium bulge" for those moments you'll be spending off the bike in the cafe or general store. You'll find the LL. bonKa_s5 Bib Tights use windproof material down the front of the thigh and over the knee. Another panel is strategically located at the top of the crotch to shield you from icy cold winds. Aside from the four-way stretch wind/waterproof fabric, they use a combination of super soft Roubaix and Roubaix Q fabric. Roubaix is a thicker-than-average Lycra with a wonderful microfleece interior. It provides the kind of warm fuzzy feel that can be the difference between soldiering on or turning back for home when the weather is cold and bleak. The panels that line the seat area and inner leg are Roubaix fabric. The outer portion of the legs and the back of the knee use Roubaix Q, a fabric that starts life as Roubaix. Then a waffle pattern is cut into the microfleece interior of the fabric. The reduction in material doesn't decrease the warmth; however, it does decrease the ...