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Assos LL.haBu_s5 Cycling Bib Tights - Men's
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With its S5 series, Assos has you covered for any weather condition. From chilly to downright cold, the LL. haBu_s5 Bib Tights provide protection when shorts or knickers are inadequate. Truthfully, while we appreciate a bare lower leg, there's a point where the warmth and comfort of Assos' Roubaix fabric goes further than a healthy layer of embrocation. Assos' LL. haBu_s5 bib tights use a combination of the soft Roubaix and Roubaix Q fabrics. Roubaix is a thicker-than-average Lycra with a wicking microfleece interior. It provides the kind of warm, fuzzy feel that can be the difference between soldiering on, or turning back for home when the weather is bleak and dismal. The panels that line the seat area and inner leg are made from the ultra-warming Roubaix fabric. While the outer portion of the legs and the back of the knee use Roubaix Q -- a material that starts its life as Roubaix. However, Assos cuts a waffle pattern into the microfleece interior for Roubaix Q. The reduction in material doesn't decrease the warmth, however, it does decrease the weight and bulk in comparison to standard Roubaix. This is especially important at the knee. The lighter Roubaix Q material won't bunch and chafe at the back of the knee when you pedal. The anatomic shaping of the Roubaix and Roubaix Q panels allow the S5 bib tights to fit against your skin, and to move smoothly with your legs as you tick away the winter miles. And since you'll be using the tights for long base miles in the saddle, Assos gave the bib tights the FI. Mille_S5 Chamois. It's curved to perfectly fit your body, and it has a built-in channel to reduce genital pressure. Additionally, it has the same softness and heat-ventilation dimples of the FI. 13 chamois. Compared to FI. 13, the FI. Mille insert has been given a "long distance" designation by Assos. This is due to the increased surface area, its lessened stretch, and its built in stabilizer. Collectively, the Mille's characteristics cause it to move less d...