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Assos T FI.13_S5 Bib Shorts - Men's
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Regardless of whether you love or hate their fashionista print ad campaigns, you must give full credit to Assos for their role as pioneer in the bike industry. Before Assos' emergence in the late 1990's, the main qualifier to establish the quality of a bib short (made back then by companies like Pearl Izumi and Castelli) was the number of panels it had. It was as simple as simple could be: 4 panels = Weekend Warrior; 6 panels = Quality meets Value; 8 panels = Marvel of Engineering. Assos turned this formula on its head by championing cost-be-damned materials and complicated fabric patterning. They brought us unprecedented style; they brought us unprecedented comfort; they brought justification for unprecedented prices. No bib short in the Assos line was more emblematic of their cost-blind approach than their FI. 13 S2 model, first introduced in 2000. The S2 was priced at $280 at a time when other companies feared breaking the $175 barrier. And despite the gap in cost between the S2 and everything else, it instantly became our best selling bib short -- a trend that stayed constant for 7 years. Why was it so wildly popular Like any high-quality piece of clothing, it made the wearer look dazzling. But beyond that was its technical attributes: Its elastic interface chamois proved to be a delight for rides of any length; and the cut of panels made them embrace our bodies with perfectly light tension. The fit, in short, was flawless. Given our history with the S2, we were understandably attentive when Assos announced it would be discontinued for a new model, the F. I. 13 S5. With the S5 Assos takes all of the signature qualities of the S2 and benchmarks them higher. The Executive Summary is this: In comparison to the S2, the S5 weighs nearly 20% less and has 20% less volume. According to Assos testing, the S5 puts nearly 25% less pressure on your genital area. The short panels and the chamois are made from fabric 35% more breathable than the S2, while offering nearly ...