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Assos T FI.Mille_S5 longLeg Bib Shorts - Men's
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The Assos FI. Mille A. 360 bib short was a mainstay of the Assos apparel line for nearly a decade. It was always known as their "Long Distance Short", and in the revamped version here known as the FI Mille S5, this essence remains the same. Why "Long Distance" It's for two key reasons: First off, the FI. Mille S5 provides more stretch and less compression than the FI. 13 S5. This is due to both the fabric selection, the cutting lines of the fabric, and the number of total panels of fabric. While the added stretch and malleability of the fabric provides less muscle compression than the S5, it moves with a silken closeness to your body as you pedal. If you've ever ridden for 6 hours at a clip, you know little things matter a whole lot, and this is one of those comfort details you'll appreciate. The other "Long Distance" characteristic of the FI. Mille S5 is its unique chamois. Like the FI. 13 S5, the chamois is curved to perfectly fit your body, and it has a cut at the front of the chamois to reduce genital pressure. In addition it has the same softness and heat-ventilation dimples of the FI. 13 chamois. What gives the FI. Mille S5 chamois its "Long Distance" designation is the fact that it's a bit bigger in surface area than the FI. 13; it stretches less than the FI. 13; and it has a stabilizer built into the chamois, causing it to move less during your pedal stroke. The FI. Mille S5 makes strategic use of A430 fabric to wick sweat and elastic fabric to reduce genital pressure. And it's built with the same AEPD cut as the FI. 13 S5 to feel like it "clicks" in place on your body when you're reaching for the bars. The added stretch of the FI. Mille gives it a perceptible level of comfort. Bigger riders -- and non super-skinny riders -- will appreciate how the FI. Mille S5 fabric stretches laterally on your body with greater ease than the FI. 13 S5. If the FI. 13 S5 feels right length-wise, but too tight width-wise, you'll experience something totally different with...