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Northwave Rebel R3 Shoes - Men's
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There's a good chance that you've seen the S. B. S. iteration of the Northwave Rebel R3 Shoes. If you haven't, it's the same as this Rebel R3, only with an S. B. S. ratcheting instep strap. And granted, there isn't too much of a price gap between the two, either. So, if you're torn between the two, it all comes down to your security preference. However, regardless of which you pick, you're guaranteed a stiff, lightweight, and comfortable pair of shoes for the trail. Northwave's Rebel R3 features its Speedlight 3D Carbon outsole. This outsole has a construction that balances weight with rigidity. To achieve this Northwave begins with a nylon chassis and then fills it with a fiberglass and carbon composite. And after this, it's co-injected to a thermoplastic polyurethane shell. Overall, the combination of the materials guarantees rigidity, while allowing a dynamic flex in targeted areas. This way, your feet won't feel berated when you're forced to walk a trail section, or in the case of cyclocross usage, shouldering the bike. Additionally, the chassis creates a comfortable interface with the uppers, allowing a small amount of spill-over for when either your feet swell or you experience strong torsional forces on the ground. You'll also find that the chassis works in harmony with the shoes' rubber studs. Basically, the studs have been minimally placed in order to reduce weight. However, this wouldn't be possible if dirt and mud were able to buildup on the outsole. So, Northwave engineered a center channel design that, with the assistance of the key positioning of the studs, sheds mud away for an ideal grip with the soil. Moving up the shoe, Northwave made the uppers from a durable, yet breathable, polyurethane material. This creates a conforming upper that doesn't skimp on protection from trail hazards. And for extra ventilation, Northwave also included Airmesh inserts throughout the upper. The location of the inserts follows what Northwave call its Airflow Syste...